Saturday, November 21, 2015


Searle functioned in various capacities for Punch magazine throughout the 50s. I've posted his theatre caricatures, Searle's Eye View, political page and cover art. He also made cartoon spot illustrations for humorous stories and more realistic illustrations for reports.

Punch January 28, 1959

'Tails Optional' by Eric Keown May 20, 1959

'Tails Optional' by Eric Keown May 20, 1959

Oct 16, 1957
A sensational drawing marking a visit to the U.S. by Queen Elizabeth II
(original exhibited at the London Cartoon Museum 2010)

November 5, 1951

May 2, 1956

Monday, November 16, 2015

Searle in Cambridge

 I realized the Searle exhibition at the Fitzwilliam had published a catalogue and swiftly put in an order which arrived this week. It's a slim but important volume with revealing text from those involved with curating the show and its complimentary exhibition at the Anglia Ruskin art school, Searle's alma mater. There are words from Ronald's Literary Agent Rachel Calder delightfully describing visits to the Searles. Also Professor of illustration at Anglia Ruskin Martin Salisbury  and Jane Munro Keeper Paintings, Drawings and Prints at the Fitzwilliam, and an introduction by Quentin Blake.
The catalogue contains several photographs from Searle's personal collection revealing his day to day concerns and disciplined work ethic. You can order from the museum online store here

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Lord Mayor's Show

Twitter turned up a great find: Searle's design for a Sadler's Wells float as part of the 1967 Lord Mayor's Show. Twitter user @dominic_reid posted the design (click to enlarge) and the video below where we can see the finished design in colour.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Obsessed with Drawing

Opening next week in Cambridge, England -TWO exhibitions on Ronald Searle. One at the Fitzwilliam Museum and the other at Anglia Ruskin art school, Searle's alma mater. Press release here

The catalogue is available from the museum's website here

Ephemera from Ronald's studio will be on display at the second exhibition at his old art school Anglia Ruskin . . .

Suzanne Morris on Twitter

The following pics are from the Instagram account of illustrator David Hughes

Photo gallery here

Thursday, October 01, 2015

News Chronicle

'News Chronicle' featured a full page of Searle cartoons every week during the early fifties. He lampooned British life; humorous takes on everyday situations, events in and around London, art exhibitions and made portraits of notable people of the era and also people 'on the street'.

'HRH the Queen returns from a voyage'

'News Chronicle Saturday: issue Sept 19th
An original illustration for Merry England, etc., Perpetua Books, London, 1956, pp.3,7 and 82

An original illustration for News Chronicle, London, Issue 9, October 1954
Man's best friend "Dog racing/results up yet?/... and don't point/-its rude."

'Tulip Time'
An Illustration for the The News Chronicle, London, 22 May 1954 and Merry England, Etc. Perpetua Books, London 1956, pp. 12, 13 & 14

An original illustration for News Chronicle, 23 August 1954.
Holidays: Home from home: 'The Guest Book'

An original illustration for News Chronicle, London, 19 June 1954.
'Battersea fun fair'

'Burlington House' December 1953 The Royal Academy. Searle recycled the gag above with an object falling out of a painted canvas several times over his career. It deserves a post of its own.

'Summer' June 1954

'Sculpture Exhibition in Holland Park'  
News Chronicle: Saturday Sketch Book, London, 29 May 1954. 
In these sketches for the above that Searle probably made on site we see the artist searching for the 'gag'.


'Antique Dealer's Fair' 
News Chronicle, Saturday Sketchbook, 12 June 1954. 

Searle also made portraits of London's citizens, known and unknown,  for the newspaper. They would later be collected in 'Looking at London and People Worth Meeting (1953).
 'Portrait of Ian MacKay'; pen and brown ink, signed, dated 1952, bears inscription on the mount News Chronicle Searle WSS Feature
Roland Emett at the Festival of Britain News Chronicle, published, London, 12 June 1952 
'People Worth Meeting'.
Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens
News Chronicle, London Issue, 30 October 1952.

'Portobello Rd. Market'

(Many of the images here are courtesy of the Chris Beetles Gallery, London)